Live Transport Mobile App Concept

Want to know where your train or bus is?

Where once a map printed on paper was the standard tool for navigating, mobile devices and GPS are now more widely used; from Sat-Nav in cars to Google Maps on a smartphone. The range of different devices, combined with different forms of transport, has resulted in fragmentation; a vast range of small apps that only deal with one aspect of travel. This project aims to create an application that unifies different features and forms of transport.

For a high definition version of the video, please view it on vimeo.


I have a keen and wide ranging passion for design, from traditional elements such as page layout and typography to newer aspects of design, such as Graphical User Interfaces, which often overlap with my interest in technology. The little details fascinate me;
a trait which has helped shape my precise approach to design. Whilst primarily a designer, my enjoyment of creating things extends to other creative outlets such as photography and drawing.

Chris studied Graphic Communication at Loughborough University, graduating in 2012.



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