Liket Corpotation Website and Animation

Creating a consistent brand identity

As part of their plan to build their global presence to match their strong domestic market, the company approached me to create a website and animation that matched the branding of their recently re-designed business cards, as seen in the image above.

The design for the website was created with Photoshop as this allows for faster prototyping compared to working in code. Once the design was signed off by the client I began to turn the prototype into functioning code. To view this basic live mockup of the website template, please click here.

The brief for the animation was to show the company as a global brand. On the wall in their headquarters there is a world map depicting their clients around the world. The animation also highlights the meaning of the "0" in the logo, reinforcing the company's zero trouble ethos. Adobe Illustrator was used to create the elements of the animation, which were then assembled using Adobe After Effects.

Unfortunately, due to an unforseen change in the company's circumstances the project did not reach completion.


I have a keen and wide ranging passion for design, from traditional elements such as page layout and typography to newer aspects of design, such as Graphical User Interfaces, which often overlap with my interest in technology. The little details fascinate me;
a trait which has helped shape my precise approach to design. Whilst primarily a designer, my enjoyment of creating things extends to other creative outlets such as photography and drawing.

Chris studied Graphic Communication at Loughborough University, graduating in 2012.



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